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My name is Darryl Ferdinand and I’m the CEO of Best Phone Numbers. I’ve been in the car and advertising business for almost 30 years. When I was working at a Chicagoland Lincoln Mercury dealership over 20 years ago, I was responsible for the advertising, which included radio and TV commercials. We found that when we used a vanity phone number, such as 1-888-LINCOLN, compared with our regular phone number, we saw a 40% increase in customer response while running the same commercials at the same times.

As the late ’90s rolled around, I saw that it was harder and harder for car dealers to stand out from the crowd with the Internet, infomercials and a gazillion car magazines at the grocery store all trying to compete for virtually the same customers. Conventional print advertising was drawing less and less and costing more and more.

That’s when I decided a good way for car dealers to maximize their advertising “bang for the buck” was by having unique, toll-free vanity numbers. Based on my years of experience in doing car dealership marketing, I knew buying toll-free vanity numbers would be a great return on the car dealerships’ investment. These toll-free vanity numbers would help them save advertising dollars while improving their response rate.

That’s when I went into the business of selling toll-free vanity numbers myself. As more and more car dealerships started using my services, I added call recording, call detail and tracking reports, similar to other “Who’s Calling” type of companies. Each car dealer can log in and get the information they need to sell more cars.

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