Car Dealership Marketing Tip: Get a Memorable Phone Number

If you listen to anyone talk about trends in car dealership marketing these days, it’s all about how important it is to advertise online. But recent studies have shown that all that focus on digital advertising may not make the most sense. According to a recent study from, 78.6% of consumers who were searching […]

Legal marketing tips: A Great 1-800 Number


For personal injury attorneys, good marketing is key. After all, when it comes to personal injury cases, once you’ve reached a settlement for a client, you will most likely never hear from them again – so it’s important that you have a strong marketing presence to continually attract new clients. One of the best legal […]

Great Local Vanity Number Spotted in Scottsdale

Saw this unforgettable local vanity number in Scottsdale, AZ. We bet this number gets calls all the time! For more information about how you can get your own local vanity number, call Darryl at 224-200-0000.

A great place for a vanity number

I recently saw this vanity number on a license plate frame. License plate frames are a great placement for your vanity number because if you’re following a car, and the license plate frame in front of you only lists a domain name, how are you going to get on the Internet while driving? Plus, a car […]

Effective Vanity Number Spotted in South Florida

One of our clients., a legal and medical referral service, knows how to effectively market themselves by using their vanity number. Here, they have created a great point of purchase ad, right on the side of the ambulance.

Spotted on T.V. in Southern California

I recently saw this vanity number advertised on TV in Los Angeles for a local car dealership. I love how vanity numbers improve response rates from advertising campaigns because they make the number easier for people to remember.

Spotted a great vanity number in Southern California

I spotted this local vanity number on the back of a cab in Southern California. Pretty memorabe, isn’t it? Also, see how they also created a website URL that matches the business phone number: If you’re interested in getting your own local vanity number to increase your company’s visibility, call Darryl at 224-200-0000.

National Auto Dealers Association Convention Booth

Look for our booth at National Auto Dealers Association’s convention. We offer lots of toll-free number, 1-800 numbers, vanity numbers and business phone numbers to help you increase visibility for your car dealership. If you’re starting a car dealership, call us.

Great vanity phone number for a casino

1-800-800-PLAY is a great vanity number or 1-800 number for casino gaming or amusement. If you’re a casino owner or amusement park owner, contact us today to get a great business phone number for you. And don’t forget, if you get the domain name,, you can really have a good integrated marketing plan.