20121204-060002.jpgIf you listen to anyone talk about trends in car dealership marketing these days, it’s all about how important it is to advertise online. But recent studies have shown that all that focus on digital advertising may not make the most sense.

According to a recent study from Cars.com, 78.6% of consumers who were searching for a car online typed in the car dealership’s name in the search field. That means all of those consumers ALREADY had brand awareness of the car dealership through billboard ads, radio ads, TV ads, and neighborhood signage.

The problem is, once people go to the Internet to search for a car, they don’t just find you – they also see search results for all of your competitors, as well as Internet auto sites, such as Cars.com, AutoTrader.com or eBay. And that means by sending customers who already know your name to the Internet, you could be losing valuable business.

Instead of only sending your customers to the Internet, why not enhance your branding by having them go directly to you by investing in a custom, vanity phone number, such as 1-800-800-CARS or 1-800-NISSANS? Using a vanity phone number that is easy to remember means the customer won’t need to go to a search engine at all. Plus, that number works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here are 3 Benefits of Custom Vanity Phone Numbers for Car Dealerships:

1. Helps all other types of advertising be more successful:
If you use an easy-to-remember vanity phone number in your TV, newspaper, radio and billboard campaigns, you increase the chance that someone will remember your number from the ad. Remember, you only have three to four seconds to catch a customer’s attention. Why not make your phone number memorable?

2. Helps generate calls after the ad is over:
In most major cities in the United States, when you think of carpets, you immediately think of Empire’s catchy jingle advertising “588-2300, Empire Today.” By building in that phone number recognition, Empire was able to become a nationwide leader in their field.

The same is true when car dealerships use vanity phone numbers effectively. At BestPhoneNumers.com, one of our clients was a car dealership in Texas who used to pay for an infomercial on Saturday mornings on his local TV station. Whenever the vanity number would flash on the screen, he would get up to 300 phone calls at a time. But even when the show was over, he would continue to get a high volume of calls throughout the day because people could easily remember the number.

3. Helps users connect with you when they can’t get online:
Often, car dealerships will put their URL on their license plate holders. But if someone is behind a car they like on the road, it’s not easy for them to look up a URL while they’re in traffic. If you put a memorable vanity phone number on your license plate holder instead, an interested consumer can simply dial the number while they’re driving.

Want more information about getting a great vanity phone number or custom phone number for your car dealership? Contact Darryl at 224-200-0000 or [email protected]

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  1. Never looked at it that way it makes some sense because your number is on automatic once you start promoting it. unlike the Seo stuff that needs to be kept up.

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