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Best Phone Numbers specializes in Local Vanity Phone Numbers and Toll Free Numbers for the Legal Industry. In addition, we thousands of vanity numbers for small and large businesses in all markets. My name is Darryl Ferdinand and I’m the CEO of Best Phone Numbers. I’ve been in the car and advertising business for almost 30 years. When I was working at a Chicagoland Lincoln Mercury dealership 15 years ago, I was responsible for the advertising, which included radio and TV commercials. We found that when we used a vanity phone number, such as 1-888-LINCOLN, compared with our regular phone number, we saw a 40% increase in customer response while running the same commercials at the same times. I have been providing the best local vanity phone numbers to the legal and automobile markets for many years.


Do you think anyone is ever confused about what business 1-800-DENTIST®, 1-800-FLOWERS® or 1-800-COLLECT is in? Now you have the opportunity to have your ads remembered as 1-800-EYESIGHT, 1-800-WINDSHIELD and many others. With a vanity number such as 1-800-800-CARS or 1-800-800-JEEP, the impression left is that your business is an easy-to-reach, easy-to-deal-with, consumer-oriented business. Toll-free vanity numbers are truly an affordable way to stand apart from the crowd.