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For personal injury attorneys, good marketing is key.

After all, when it comes to personal injury cases, once you’ve reached a settlement for a client, you will most likely never hear from them again – so it’s important that you have a strong marketing presence to continually attract new clients.

One of the best legal marketing strategies you can do is to invest in a custom 1-800 number that helps potential clients remember your name. By creating a 1-800 number that spells something to make it easy to remember, you ensure that your name won’t get lost in the crowd.

Legal Marketing Advantages to Using a Custom 1-800 Number

  1. Gives clients something to remember, other than your name
    Lawyers, in particular, are often at a disadvantage because firms are named after people – so the word “personal injury” is not in the name itself. When people see a billboard, they probably won’t remember your last name, but they may remember your custom 1-800 number, especially if it spells something catchy, like 1-800-USA-INJURED.
  2. Increases the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts
    All types of legal marketing that you do – such as billboards, yellow page ads, print ads, radio ads and even digital marketing – can become more effective by using a custom 1-800 number.For example, let’s say you pay thousands of dollars for a print advertising campaign. If they throw away the newspaper, magazine or brochure you advertised in, they would never be able to remember your phone number. But if your ad had a phone number that spelled out a word, such as 1-800-USA-INJURED, the customer may remember that number long after the print ad is thrown away.
  3. Increases recall rates vs. numeric phone numbers
    According to Mountain Marketing Group, custom 1-800 numbers, also known as vanity 800 numbers, improve consumer recall rates in visual ads by up to 84%, and broadcast ads with a vanity number have a nine times higher recall rate than an ad with a 1-800 number that is simply numeric.

We have several 1-800, toll-free and vanity numbers — such as 1-800-USA-INJURED — that are perfect for personal injury lawyers. To find one that’s right for you, contact Darryl at [email protected] or 224-200-0000 today.


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