1-800 Numbers Help Increase Online Sales

Article from ProStores.com: Everyday Warehousers has been around for five years, but it wasn’t until last year that the online hardware store got a 1-800 number and hired staff dedicated to providing live customer service. “It made a big impact on sales because customers love to know that they can call a real person,” says […]

Our vanity phone number services help improve customer service

Great customer service can be as simple as a human answering the phone. Wonder if we need an M.B.A. to tell us that!! By using our vanity number services, you can have a memorable business phone number that will enhance your brand, AND you can have that phone number ring directly to you or one […]

Why get a memorable business phone number?

Getting a memorable business phone number is essential in building your brand and increasing your response rate from your advertising. By having a 1-800 number, vanity number or toll-free number for your business phone number, you make it easy for customers to remember how to get a hold of you without having to look you […]