Park Ridge company launches nationwide vanity phone number program

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BestPhoneNumbers.com, a premiere licenser of toll-free and local vanity telephone numbers in the United States, announced today that it is launching the nationwide 8 Million Program, a vanity telephone number marketing program designed to help limousine companies, taxi companies, ad agencies, attorneys and others gain visibility in the regional markets they serve.

BestPhoneNumbers.com is licensing 87 phone numbers that all end in 800-0000, or “8 Million.” Each phone number is located in a different area code, spanning most major markets in the United States. Some of the numbers that are being licensed include 312-800-0000 in Chicago, 215-800-0000 in Philadelphia, 305-800-0000 in Miami, 407-800-0000 in Orlando and dozens more.

By using a local number ending in 800-0000, companies can connect with potential customers more easily and therefore, increase call volumes and sales.

“With so much competition in today’s marketplace, it’s essential to find a way to make your business stand out,” says Darryl Ferdinand, CEO of BestPhoneNumbers.com. “Vanity numbers are easy to remember, so they are key to generating more calls and increasing business.”

For years, vanity numbers — whether they are 1-800 numbers or start with a local area code – have been proven to build a company’s brand, increasing its recognition across all forms of advertising. They are especially effective on billboards, radio ads and outdoor display ads where it’s harder for people to dial the number right away.

In fact, according to a 2007 study by Creative Broadcast Concepts (CBC) Inc., radio ads that featured vanity phone numbers attracted 58% more calls than ads with regular phone numbers, clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of a memorable phone number.

The 8 Million Program is geared toward boosting brand awareness for companies that do a lot of outdoor advertising, such as bill collectors, attorneys, bail bondsmen, casinos and others. Having an easy-to-remember number, such as 312-800-0000, helps customers remember billboard ads, print ads and more once they’ve passed the ad.

Though BestPhoneNumbers.com also licenses 1-800 numbers, Ferdinand feels there is a growing movement toward local numbers, as people become more frustrated with calling customer service centers overseas.

“With the 8 Million Program, companies can get a local phone number that lets customers know they’re calling someone familiar – not a call center thousands of miles away,” says Darryl Ferdinand, CEO of BestPhoneNumbers.com. “Using a local area code conveys immediate trust to your customers.”

In addition, thanks to changing technology, callers can now send text messages to and from landlines, making local vanity numbers an even better way for customers to reach you.

To find a local vanity number for your business, please visit BestPhoneNumbers.com or contact Darryl at [email protected] or call 224-200-0000.

More about BestPhoneNumbers.com
BestPhoneNumbers.com is a division of 800Cars LLC, a vanity telephone marketing company based in Park Ridge, Ill., that is dedicated to helping businesses grow by improving their visibility and name recognition. The company was founded in 2001 by Darryl Ferdinand, a former sales and advertising manager in the car industry.

complete article: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/suburbs/park_ridge_niles/community/chi-ugc-article-park-ridge-company-launches-nationwide-vanity-2013-08-05,0,409731.story

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