1. Vanity Numbers Produce Results!

Huge companies such as FedEx (1-800-GO FEDEX®), MCI (1-800-COLLECT®), UPS (1-800-PICK UPS®) and 1-800-FLOWERS® all started using vanity numbers years ago. If vanity numbers didn’t work so well, can you really believe these companies would continue using them? Not a chance! An independent study shows how 1-800-NEW-WHEELS received 14 times the call volume by using a vanity number versus the same ads using a regular numeric number.

Best Phone Numbers is bringing the branding power of toll-free vanity numbers to Car Dealers, Ad Agencies, Direct Mailers and Infomercial Producers nationally.

2. Vanity Numbers Are Affordable

Many numbers are affordable depending on the area code and type of number.

3. Keep Customers out of the Yellow Pages

Once potential customers KNOW your number, they no longer have to “look you up” in the phone book. It’s no different from when you call a good friend without having to look up the number. This is huge! Roto-Rooter® has found that when people go to the Yellow Pages specifically looking for them, as many as 30% of potential customers become diverted by the display ads and call someone else. Don’t let this happen to your business!

4. Vanity Numbers Are Exclusive

You own the rights to use the vanity number in the precise market area your business covers. It doesn’t matter if all your customers are in a single area code, three to four area codes, an entire state or a four- to five-state region. One hundred percent of all calls originating from the territory you select will ring directly to you, on your current telephone line, cell phone or call center.

5. Vanity Numbers Speak for Themselves

Do you think anyone is ever confused about what business 1-800-DENTIST®, 1-800-FLOWERS® or 1-800-COLLECT is in? Now you have the opportunity to have your ads remembered as 1-800-EYESIGHT, 1-800-WINDSHIELD and many others. With a vanity number such as 1-800-800-CARS or 1-800-800-JEEP, the impression left is that your business is an easy-to-reach, easy-to-deal-with, consumer-oriented business. Toll-free vanity numbers are truly an affordable way to stand apart from the crowd.

6. Vanity Numbers Add Status and Distinction and Boost Your Reputation

People know there’s something special about a business that has a great toll-free vanity number. It sets you apart and says “better business” and “customer service.” Imagine the value of a radio or TV commercial when the consumer hears a vanity number such as 1-800-800-CARS. Your business rivals simply can’t compete with their plain local telephone numbers.

7. Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Consider the following scenarios: One friend is telling another friend where he got financing on his recent car purchase.

Scenario 1

Friend 1: Just call 1-800-800-CARS!

Friend 2: Thanks!

Scenario 2

Friend 1: Where did you buy your car?

Friend 2: I saw an ad in the newspaper offering credit-challenged people car loans. Take a look in the paper.

Friend 1: OK, I’ll look in the paper to see if I can find it.

8. Vanity Numbers Are Easy to Remember

It took Crest toothpaste and Tide detergent decades to become the dominant market-share leaders in their respective industries. By comparison, it took MCI only about 1 year to establish 1-800-COLLECT as the dominant collect-call market-share leader. Rather than promoting the company’s name, marketers shrewdly focused all the attention on the name/number 1-800-COLLECT.

9. You Don’t Have to Be a Franchise to Be a Part of an “Advertising Network”

There’s a tremendous advantage in being part of a group of 35 or more companies in the same industry, but in different markets, all promoting a single number to call when you need a car. When people travel on business or vacation, they may be exposed to YOUR number, say 1-800-800-CARS. Months later when they need a car, they may simply dial the number and reach you, without ever having seen or heard one of your own ads. In addition 7% of the U.S. population moves each year. They will be moving from a market area where the number for a car is 1-800-800-CARS to your market, where 1-800-800-CARS will ring directly to you. Just imagine 25–35 businesses with average ad budgets of $75,000 per month each, all promoting YOUR vanity number. It can add up to millions of dollars each year.

10. We stand behind our products

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