There are many ways to make money from a toll free number whether you have already acquired one for an existing business and product line or as a tool for making money all by themselves on or offline.
In Advertising
Toll free numbers can be used for increased brand recognition and credibility as well as raising direct response rates and closing ratios in all types of marketing. Plus they can help fatten up your bottom line by enabling you to streamline your organization and lower overhead, putting more money in your pocket every month.
Fueling Interaction
Toll free numbers are ideal for fueling interaction and getting prospects to contact you. Use your toll free number for running competitions, promotions and giveaways. Raise awareness for these campaigns by utilizing press releases to get the word out to the masses and generate large numbers of calls and new contacts as well as remaining at the forefront of your current and past customer’s minds.
For Starting A New Business
Many entrepreneurs sadly still believe that they have to struggle to create their own unique products and services and then build interest from the bottom up to make money today. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, some of the most profitable enterprises on the planet right now are simply middle men. By getting your hands on a premium toll free number, you can virtually move into any industry and dominate it with the right marketing, acting as a go between, and matching consumers with the product or service provider that suits them best.
As An Affiliate
For those who already have websites, blogs or large numbers of contacts, toll free numbers can also be offered as add-ons or additional products or perhaps even bundled with your own services. By joining a toll free number affiliate marketing program you can earn some pretty serious commissions just for helping others get their own toll free number.

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