Park Ridge company offers vanity phone numbers | Park Ridge Herald-Advocate

Darryl Ferdinand is CEO of Best Phone Numbers, which leases and sells vanity phone numbers like 1-800-800-CARS. | Contributed photo Park Ridge company offers vanity phone numbers Personalized or vanity license plates have long been an option for car owners, but one Park Ridge-based company has found a niche by offering vanity telephone numbers. Best […]

Mobile Ads: Another Good Reason To Have An Easy To Remember Phone Number

Mobile Is About to Get Serious About Video Ads By Erika Morphy Brands are not necessarily convinced that mobile video will be a major platform, even after Facebook does enter the space. They have a point — any number of promising ad formats have spectacularly crashed and burned. Still, the expectation of a significant shift […]

Your New Number Could be 8 Million (800-0000) Chicago 312-800-0000, Philadelphia 215-800-0000, Miami 305-800-0000 Many More Available

Park Ridge company launches nationwide vanity phone number program Posted by Lauren.M.Heist, Community Contributor, a premiere licenser of toll-free and local vanity telephone numbers in the United States, announced today that it is launching the nationwide 8 Million Program, a vanity telephone number marketing program designed to help limousine companies, taxi companies, ad agencies, […]

Now You Can Receive TEXT Messages to Your Vanity / 800 / Landline / Phone Number

We can now equip existing toll-free numbers to send and receive text messages. Being able to send and receive texts over those numbers means customers who previously had to navigate through several menu options and were held captive listening to hold music as they waited for a human voice to answer their questions can now […]

Great Ways to Advertise Your Law Firm

The Top 6 Places to Advertise Your Law Firm Locally Posted by Samuel Ballen on Jan 17, 2012 in Marketing, Print Advertising | 0 comments Most of the material on the internet concerning marketing is not specific to law firms. While there are many techniques that work universally, small and medium sized firms face a […]

Repeater Numbers for Easy to Remember Cell Phone or Business Phone Number

check out our repeater numbers by clicking here and let us know if you’d like one THE BENEFITS OF CHOOSING AN EASY-TO-REMEMBER PHONE NUMBERPosted on September 20th, 2010 in Blog by DavidIf you own a business, it’s in your best interest to make it easy for customers to get in touch with you. There are […]

Vanity Phone Numbers More effective Then Web URLs

  Vanity Phone Number Advertising is More Memorable to Car Buyers than URLs Listed in Offline Advertising Posted by Ralph Paglia on March 16, 2009 at 12:57am View Blog Consumers have a 45% higher recall of toll-free, vanity 800 telephone numbers than they do of many car dealer website addresses, and those that do remember […]